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This application was created to help individuals to learn or improve their cursive handwriting. Most adults do not have the best handwriting. According to the several recent articles, handwriting is becoming a lost art. Bad hand writing is correlated with a lower score on the written part of the SAT, MCAT all tests that require the student to write legible. In healthcare it can create terrible confusion over writing orders.

The program is easy to use and helps the user practice writing letters in cursive. The key to getting better is by practicing, this IPhone App makes it fun. The program has different colors to chose from and allows the user to practice both upper, lower case letters, and numbers. The App also allows the user to customize and enter any word for practice. This is ideal for teaching the user to create their name or months of the year...  If you make a mistake just shake it off that is shake the iphone and it will erase. You can practice using a stylus that is IPhone compatible. Personally, I use the Pogo stylus for the IPhone.

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