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A  Love Reminder

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A Love reminder app will help keep track anything you want to. It will allow you to text other friends later in time as long as they have one of the cell phone providers listed in the iPhone app. The iPhone app will also allow you to cancel future texts within the app. If you want to cancel all the reminders you can do that too.
Once your purchase the app. Make sure to register your iPhone. Please save the My ID: found at the top of info tab. This will make it easier if you want to cancel all future texts.

Be able to send future texts to your loved one. The app has preset biblical quotes, funny quotes, romantic quotes, love quotes.

The following cell providers are included in the app:
Bell Mobile (Canada)
Fido (Canada)
Rogers (Canada)
Telus (Canada)
Virgin Mobile
Virgin Mobile (CA)
** Standard text charges apply from your cell phone carrier.

Description: Deep Pocket Series LLC has just released A Love Reminder, this app will allow any iPhone/IPod user to text love ones. The app contains bible love quotes, romantic quotes, funny quotes, or just blank space for the user to enter their own quote. This future texts can then set for up to a year in advance.


Dallas, Texas, 12/30/09, Deep Pocket Series has just released “A Love Reminder” on iTunes, the app can help busy individuals keep in touch with love ones by texting them. The app allows the user to have up to five frequent people they text and allows for a quick way to text others as well. The focus of this app is to text love reminders to significant others, children, parents. It helps the user to enter key events up to a year in advance. The user can even text themselves a reminder. Another unique feature is the user can cancel any future tasks from within the app. If relationship change or that person changes phone number, the user can go into the app and cancel any outgoing text. Another interesting feature is that the app can text other cell phones that are not on the current AT&T network. The users can text other users in Canada and most major cell phone providers in the United States.


This application has received many praises from our users. One user Mr. Williams best summaries his experience as “This application will help me not forget all the little but big events in my life. I will be able to communicate better with love ones.” Another user states: ‘this app will inspire me to send texts to family members I am not good about keeping in touch with.”

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