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Snooze Email iPhone app

Snooze your email & Type and Go feature.

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This application was created to help those of us that have to keep up with so many daily tasks. The first product called Snooze E-mail was created to help forward important emails, files or tasks to a more convenient time. *

      The emails sent are secured and all emails will be erased when they are sent. The only people reading these emails are you, no one else. Privacy is our top priority.

Common uses:

    * Email reminders (tasks, to do lists)

    * Schedule reminders (appointments)

    * send emails with attachments (home work, assignments, itinerary...) (must be registered user and must use your iPhone registered email or registered web base email).

    * many more uses.

Type and Go feature allows the user to be able to type while looking at the camera. For example if you need to write an urgent email and watch your child then use this feature to see what is in front of your iPhone and type at the same time. (Your device must have a camera to use this feature).

If you want to have a picture with a text the type text and press the home button and the on button at the same time and you will be able to save the picture with text.**

Please send test email before registering: Send a test email to subject test and you should get this email back in 1 minute. If you do then the service working with your email service, if it does not please check your junk mail and mark as safe.

**If you register your email, please make sure that your iPhone is sending from the same email that you have registered from. The app will email back reminders to the sender. If you want to have files sent back then you must be registered and you can use your regular email.

Disclaimer: Do not drive or walk while using this app. We will not be responsible for any damage or harm caused to self while using this app.

We will not share your email with any 3rd parties. Please visit our website for our privacy policy.

Type reminder, then pick the time you want the reminder


It will generate an email and it will be sent to you on that time and date! If you dont want to use the app then just use your inbox it will work once you have registered as a subscriber.

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