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As stressed healthcare providers, here is an app to help decrease some stress.

This app is ideal for playing pranks and for ringtones.

The app will simulate a sequence of steps that mimic a shockable rhythm. Start the app give it to a friend have them follow the commands: "Place finger on iPhone" "Analyzing rhythm" "Shock advised "... Shock. The user might think that they will be shocked. The iPhone/iPod device will then vibrates flashes colors on the screen. (**Please note Ipod does not vibrate) ** Caution not responsible for people dropping your iPhone/iPod device. ** Caution do not use in the hospital. Others will think someone is on the ventilator or that CPR is in progress. ** if you or the person you plan on playing a joke has a history of seizures then the flashing lights may cause seizures. ****make sure to increase your ipod volume first****
app does NOT shock and has no healthcare function other than help you
laugh. Like other iPhone prank apps this one is focuses on health care

app will email us and it will response with a password to our website

to download the ringtones. The password will be changed so keep the app

in order to download free updates. You must have Internet connection to email us from your device.

The following ringtones are included:
Shock 360, shock 300, shock 200, shock 100. Doppler, ventilator, heart moniter,

Please email us suggestions health care related we will be adding more.

Currently when the hospital, ER or switch board call me; I hear the 200 joules shock sound as my ringtone.

Below are some suggestions for future ringtones.
Ambulance sounds

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