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Sad Scale

As an Emergency Medicine Physician, I saw the need to create a program that would help patients screen for depression. Sad Scale is created to help screen for depression in the General Population, PostPartum Depression and Geriatric depression. The application has 5 screening test and it tracks your scores and graphs your results. The user then can email their Primary care doctor, OB/Gyn doctor or health care provider. The test can be taken multiple times and the user can track for depression. All this from your IPhone! It also takes you to different online resources for additional help.

Sad Scale is an IPhone application to help your health care provider follow your care. It is not a substitute for seeing a health care provider. This application contains to self screening test. The Zung depression test, Geriatric Depression scale and the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale are in this application. The application is easy to use and will store your scores on your IPhone. 

Currently we added two children scales. CES-DC & KADS. These applications will give you a graph on your progress and will also allow you to email your health care provider the results of the test. 

If you have any suggestions on making our application better please email us. We also want to hear any stories about how this app has helped you or a love one. Please email us your name and story, we will not publish this information. We are interested in hearing from you.

We currently have a feature where you can email your physician or health care provider.
In order to set up the email do the following:
Depending on which email you use find out what is the outgoing server used when you set up your outlook. 

For example if you use go daddy as your email host use:

If you use Gmail then use:
It is important that if you are using gmail that if you use the original gmail login. The program will not allow you to use alternative login for gmail. For example, if your email is then make sure you use

If you use Hotmail then use:

Also, it is important to remember that if you are at work or a place that might have a firewall you might not be able to send this email out. Make sure you have internet connectivity. 

We are currently adding another depression scale to this product. It will be a free update for 1.1. We will be changing the screen shots to show the Geriatric Depression scale.
1.2 We have added a Mood bar, Note pad.  Below is a sample of the update. The mood bar will track both Mood & Energy allow the user to email their PCP. The Notepad will also allow the user to track how they feel and then email this information to their physician.

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