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Deep Pocket Series & ER Pocket Books are working together on future products.

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Coming in 2010:

A to Z Pocket Pharmacopoeia

Quick Essentials: Emergency Medicine

Below is our first of many iPhone apps.

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The pocket “One-Minute Consult”. Look it up – it’s there, distilled.  The 4th edition of this handy pocket reference provides a one-minute-consult on a huge variety of topics – virtually anything you will see in the ED or elsewhere. It is extensively peer-reviewed and fully indexed. Covers Trauma, Ortho, Medicine, Surgery, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Toxicology and much more. Also great for studying for the LLSA and the Boards.

An ultra-quick, alphabetical pocket drug reference with an easy to read tabular format that includes contraindications, side effects and interactions. Contains bonus sections on patient safety, drug toxicities, empiric antibiotic choices, procedural sedation, critical care drugs and more. (Note: AKA Pharm Animals Pharmacopoeia – same book, different cover)

A massive collection of medical miscellanea, this companion reference to Quick Essentials: Emergency Medicine contains valuable yet concise information on a plethora of topics including a one-page Emergency Medical Dictionary in 17 Foreign Language. Also included are sections on the History, the Physical Exam, Eponyms, Vital Signs Decoding, Shock & Pressors, EKG’s, ED Ultrasound, Imaging, Lab Work, Procedures, Procedural Sedation, Patient Disposition, Federal & State Laws, Risk Management, Med-Legal, Billing, Research, Teamwork, Wellness, Resuscitation and more. This is another “must have” bedside pocket reference..

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