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1st Follow up

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1st Follow up was created to help health care providers keep track of patients. The goal is increase patient satisfaction with follow up. As an Emergency Medicine Physician, it is difficult to remember to look up patients after being off for several days. This app allows you to set up an email account (Gmail) preferred and allow you to email your patients to see how they are doing. Also, it allows you to call your patients from with in the app. The app also has a feature that is in " A Love Reminder" it allows you to send a text to your self or to the patient to see how they are doing. If something changes you can go to the Task List and cancel any future texts therefore you are not committed to sending the text.

The following cell providers are included in the app:
Bell Mobile (Canada)
Fido (Canada)
Rogers (Canada)
Telus (Canada)
Virgin Mobile
Virgin Mobile (CA)
** Standard text charges apply from your cell phone carrier.

In summary key features:
Consent patients
Email your patients
Call patients
obtain reminders via text (text your patients reminders or yourself)
Take pictures of your patients and be able to take multiple pictures within the app.
Take Notes on patients
Create a Favorite list
Search by name of social security number
Lock app with password protection
Email consent to yourself to print
Email pictures of patient to yourself or patient.

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